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Deionized Water

From its headquarters in Harleysville, Pennsylvania, Agape Water Solutions, Inc., provides water solutions for industrial purposes. Among its services, Agape Water Solutions offers technologies to deionize water.

Q: What is deionized water?
A: Deionized water is water that has had its ions removed, typically through an ion exchange process of cation and anion resin or a semipermeable membranes. Resin beads contain a charge either positive or negative to remove the oppositely charge cations or anions.

Q: Why is DI Water used?
A: Deionized water has a wide range of uses, including in power plants, laboratories, pharmaceuticals, instrument manufacturing, automobile manufacturing and microelectronics. Trace levels of ions in water used for these industries can result in scaling or product defects.

Q: Is deionized water different from distilled water?
A: Yes. The methods used to create each are different. DI water typically has even lower levels of ions.

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