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Agape Water Solutions has been a provider of solutions for industrial water filtration for 11 years, serving the biotechnology, electronics, pharmaceutical, and power industries. Custom-designed systems offered by Agape Water Solutions include such services as an in-house resin regeneration system and electrodeionization (EDI) systems. The company’s services range from remote monitoring to off-site membrane cleaning.

Reverse osmosis membranes occasionally receive frequent cleaning in order to prevent buildup of materials such as bacteria, heavy metals (including aluminum, barium, iron, and strontium), organic matter, and silica. Cleaning the membranes will also enhance their performance, especially for flux and rejection.

Satisfactory cleaning of reverse osmosis membranes requires use of suitable cleansing agents and proper application. Check on the certification for a particular chemical and understand how to apply it prior to beginning the cleaning process in order to avoid ruining the membrane. Additional factors to consider in the cleaning process range from flow rate, pressure, salt rejection and temperature.

Alternatively, seek out an off-site cleaning service for reverse osmosis membranes. Proper off-site cleaning service should include testing before and after the cleaning, as well as certification and testing before and after cleaning. Also be sure the membranes are returned in suitable packaging and properly preserved..

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