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A leading provider of industrial water solutions, Agape Water Solutions helps clients install water systems tailored to their specific requirements and conditions. Products offered by Agape Water Solutions include electrodeionization (EDI) systems, which have emerged as popular water treatment solutions in a variety of applications.

A water production method involving ion-exchange media and semi-permeable membrane technology, EDI delivers a high-quality demineralization process. The chamber of an EDI unit includes an ion exchange resin, which only allows ions suspended in water to pass through the membranes. Because the conductivity of the water stream weakens as strong ions are removed from solution, a proper design is necessary to pass current and force ions through the membranes into concentrate stream.

In terms of applications, EDI is commonly used in fields ranging from electronics and cosmetics to biotechnology and chemical production. Electrodeionization offers a number of advantages over traditional ion exchange technology, including low power consumption and cost-effective operation and maintenance. EDI does not rely on any chemicals for regeneration, improving safety and decreasing environmental risk.

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