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Ultraviolet Light Dechlorination
Image: agapewater.com/products

Agape Water Solutions is an industrial water treatment equipment and service company in Harleysville, Pennsylvania. Dechlorination systems are among the numerous products Agape Water Solutions supplies to customers.

Removing chlorine from water prevents oxidization, which can damage other water treatment equipment. Chlorine-free water is also important in many manufacturing sectors. Agape offers three dechlorination options: sodium metabisulfite injection, activated carbon filters, and ultraviolet (UV) light chlorine destruction.

UV light chlorine destruction is an alternative treatment method that removes chlorine by creating a photochemical reaction that causes the element to disassociate, forming instead the less damaging hydrochloric acid. Light wavelengths of between 180 nanometers and 200 nanometers are required for this process to occur. It is important that UV systems be placed upstream of any reverse osmosis systems through which the water may pass, because the membranes used in the latter process can be quickly damaged by chlorine.

UV dechlorination is used in various industries, including food processing, brewing and beverage manufacturing, and power generation.