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Agape Water Solutions offers equipment and services for water filtration and purification systems. Agape Water Solutions protects the environment by providing safe and economic ways to remove harmful chemicals and sediment from wastewater.

Silicon dioxide, or silica, is a compound made of silicon and oxygen that exists commonly in nature. Silica is heavily concentrated in certain types of rocks, sand, and the skeletal parts of humans, animals, and plants. Cucumbers, strawberries, avocados, and brown rice all contain silica as well.

Silica is present in surface water, usually at a concentration of just a few parts per million, but well water typically contains higher levels sometimes up to 100 ppm. It must be removed prior to industrial use, as its tiny particles cause scale deposits to accumulate on surfaces it touches.

Ultraflitration and Microfiltration can be used to remove colloidal silica. Reverse osmosis and ion exchange are used to remove disolved silica.

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