As a manufacturer of industrial water filtration and purification systems, Agape Water Solutions provides a number of highly effective forms of water treatment. Those systems include reverse osmosis. A term often heard in the world of water, reverse osmosis is an effective way to achieve a high level of purification. But how exactly does it work?

Reverse osmosis uses semi-permeable membranes to achieve purification. These membranes allow water to pass through while filtering out contaminants. As water flows outside of the membrane, systems like those employed by Agape Water Solutions apply pressure to the initial feed water. The pressure forces purified water through an internal permeate tube. The remaining water is sent to a special compartment where it is drained.

Each membrane element within an industrial-sized system consists of a permeate collection tube, feed flow permeate coupling and a brine seal. The membrane elements are inside a pressure vessel. By separating the various types of water according to contents, reverse osmosis is able to ensure a high level of purification and produce a finished product that is virtually contaminant-free.