Based in Harleysville, Pennsylvania, Agape Water Solutions is committed to preserving the environment through its industrial water treatment equipment and support services. The company has in-depth knowledge of a number of membrane systems, among them reverse osmosis (RO) systems.

Reverse osmosis is the process of water purification by which water is moved across a semi-permeable membrane from low concentration to higher concentration. Commonly used to filter both commercial and residential water, the process holds many potential benefits for consumers. The small pores of the semi-permeable membrane do not allow salt, minerals, bacteria, or disease-causing pathogens to pass through, which makes a reverse osmosis system ideal for desalinating water or for providing mineral-free and pathogen-free water, as well as for removing contaminants from water in areas without access to municipally treated water. Reverse osmosis is also an effective choice for areas at particular risk for waterborne diseases, or to purify liquids like ethanol, in which water would constitute an impurity.