Industrial water treatment users are increasing the use of efficient technologies to go green. Electrodeionization (EDI) is one such technology. It uses a chemical-free process to produce ultra-pure deionized water. According to the folks at Agape Water Solutions, a company based in Pennsylvania, there are several benefits to such technologies.

Agape Water Solutions specializes in industrial water solutions and provides expert counsel on EDI-related issues. The company lists three main benefits, which are outlined below:

1. EDI is cost effective. EDI uses a very little amount of electric power to produce pure water, so the electric consumption costs will be lower than chemical consumption of mixed bed deionization.

2. EDI is continuous. Because ion exchange resins are continuously regenerated, the quality of water remains high consistently and produces reliable, high-quality water.

3. EDI optimizes space. Chemically regenerated ion exchange water treatment plants typically occupy a large space because they have multiple units and processes to purify water. In comparison to traditional water treatment plants, EDI has much a lower footprint, enabling you to save on installation costs.